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Jethro in ring Empty Jethro in ring

Post  Cm-14 Xtremezt on Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:52 pm

Jethro:Comes out to the ring with no music or anything

jethro grabs a mic

Jethro:so i heard Cm-14 Xtemezt saying that he can beat me you know what cm SHUT UP! your all talk if u want to do somthing come out to the ring and do it.

Cm-14 XTremezt comes out to the ring

Cm-14 Xtremezt: You Know What


Cm-14 Xtremezt slaps jethro

jethro falls out of the ring

Jethro:You know what next week Me vs You Jethro Holiday vs Cm-14 Xtremezt

Cm-14 Xtremezt: haha Deal Next week

jr:Wow now thats what i call entertainment

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Cm-14 Xtremezt
Cm-14 Xtremezt

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