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Post  palermo on Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:31 am

Announcer: Welcome back to TTH, we have noticed about backstage problems between the new man of the roster, Chris Palermo, the Tech-Talented young boy from Spain, and "The Loose Cannon" Alex Lexington. We will continue reporting on the news.


"The Tech-Talented Chris Palermo, and the announcer in the middle of the ring. Chris wears a blue wrestling pants and looks like the young Chris Benoit"

Announcer: I have here with me Chris Palermo, Chris can you explain to fans what happened with The Loose Cannon?
Chris Palermo: Fans don´t need to know what happened behind the cameras, fans only need to know who I am and remember my name. But the really important thing is this: All people who put a step in this ring are gonna tap out to my Crossface sooner or later, I promise. So I´m here to demand a match to the GM with that shit called Alex Lexington. It´s all.

Chris leaves the ring while the crowd give him thounderous aplauses and booos also."

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